Hello From Inner Space

I suppose I could blame the long, hot dreadful dog days of summer for my silence. After all, what is there to say about the state of the earth under my feet this time of year?…

everything is wilting or contemplating death by heat exhaustion. Yeah, that’s my problem. It’s hot.

And it’ll be hot tomorrow…and on through the week…

Now that the hot season is coming to a close and my iPhone promises it’ll be under 100º by next Wednesday, I have one piece of wisdom to share for anyone else who finds themselves trapped in a Southwestern version of one of Dante’s Circles of Hell.


Easy peasie. Now if you can’t do this for reals, then do it in your head. In the two months I’ve been not blogging, I’ve added two more ways to escape my life when I don’t like it: Lifting Weights and Musical Theatre. I only need small doses of either to feel better. I should probably add listening to music really really loud in my car, but I’ve always done this to get out of a funk. I think I’m just cranking the volume up to compensate for getting older. (note to self: get bigger speakers before next birthday)

Things I’ve learned with my new hobbies:

  • I have triceps
  • A Goblet Squat is not something an exotic dancer does for extra tips
  • Priscilla Queen of the Desert is as FABULOUS on stage as it is in film
The "I Will Survive" number, my fave in the movie.

The “I Will Survive” number, my fave in the movie, although the finale is awesome as is Follie! Delirio vano è questo! Sempre libera. . .and everything. . .


The "MacArthur Park" (Someone left the cake out in the rain) number, my fave on stage.

The “MacArthur Park” (Someone left the cake out in the rain) number, my fave on stage, but the flip-flop dress scene in the bar is up there, as is the finale and “It’s Raining Men” that kicked off the show and “Material Girl” featuring Felicia.

And so I’m back…from outer space…

I will survive.


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