I slanted a line from Whitman for this blog title because:

  1. I love Whitman, his long lines, his love of the earth and of people, his lists
  2. our reflects more what the blog is about, what’s under our feet, not just yours, but mine too
  3. under your boot soles was already taken

My intent is to write and share photographs about what’s right under our feet and the experience of looking there.

I am a writer, poet, teacher and the author of A Land Between (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000), The Moth (Brevity, issue 35, January 2011) and a number of articles in Landscape Architecture Magazine (2001-2005).

Unless otherwise noted, all photographs are taken by me. All writing and photos are property of me unless otherwise noted. Use by permission of the author, still me.


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Becky, ( or do you go by Rebecca?), it’s Suzanne…here in neighboring Albuquerque…love your writing and photos…will be ordering A Land Between from Amazon today. Are you teaching writing or landscape architecture? My husband is a planner and works for an arch. firm in the LA group..Decker, Parrish, Sabatini…we seem to know a lot of LA and writers…..do you know Greg Martin? He just published Stories for Boys…a good friend and neighbor of ours. What do you hear from Kathleen these days? I didn’t get my usual Christmas letter.How about Kini…any idea where she lives? I’ve kept somewhat in touch with the usuals…Kevin, Trevor, Dave etc. How is 50 treating you? I’m slow and overweight but keep moving forward, really enjoyed your writing.

    • Just so I don’t look horribly non-responsive, I did reply to Suzanne’s note ages ago via e-mail. I’m still not at ease with carrying on personal conversations in public social media. It always feels like talking really loud in a restaurant so all the tables can follow a personal chat. I always speak way too softly for that type of behavior. It’s a wonder I’m here at all 🙂

  2. May I use the photograph of the grape Skeletonizer caterpillars in a talk for the houston native plant society? The talk will be about not killing insects.

    • Certainly. An update: I have not had a return of the caterpillars, but I’m worried that the severe pruning in the heat of summer has caused die-back. I’m hoping to see the grape vine resurrect when the weather cools. . .or maybe after the storm that’s bringing on heavy rain.

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