Slut for Words

I fell out of the blog universe over the holidays, but want to share this guest post I wrote for Brevity while I was in Melbourne for the NonfictioNow 2012 conference.

Is Writing Better then Sex?

words rule

The landscape of the human love words in Melbourne

I find evidence everywhere to at least support the idea that human beings love words.


Trees in Melbourne

I’ve been in Melbourne at the NonfictionNow 2012 writers conference for two days. The conference, which is excellent BTW, is in the downtown area where trees aren’t too prevalent and are a bit overshadowed by the quirky architecture. The building where the conference sessions are being held looks like it’s being attacked by a green virus. That being said, I sat on a panel in the Green Brain (that’s what it’s called) yesterday and it is the nicest space I’ve ever presented in. The view to the street and the light was lovely.

I did get a chance yesterday to walk through Carlton Gardens nearby. If trees could grow this majestically in Phoenix, I’d imagine they’d be everywhere. I’m surprised I didn’t walk into a pond for all the time I spent stolling with my head tipped back so I could see the light grace through the canopies. Simply magnificent. The trees in my region have to hover close to the ground to suffer the heat and aridity. To enjoy the same canopy view, I’d need to lie on the ground looking up.

awesome branching

an allee in Carlton Gardens, Melbourne